Junior Tennis

Levels of Play

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Mini Tennis

Mini tennis is a smaller version of the game for juniors between the ages of 5 and 10.

It is split into 3 age groups or colours:

Red: ages 5 7.

This is played on smaller court with mini nets. It uses sponge balls that are easy for smaller children to play with.

Orange: ages 6 8.

This is played over a full net, but not the full court. It uses transition balls, which have a lower bounce than normal tennis balls.

Green: ages 7 10.

This is played on a full court. It uses mid balls, which is half way between a transition ball and a normal tennis ball.

Full Tennis

This is played on a full court and is for junior's from, ages 5 17 years. We have different sessions for different ages and abilities from beginner to improver to advanced.